Pastor’s Corner

Words to Live By From Pastor Robert Kendall

And Isaac sowed in that land and reaped in the same year a hundredfold. The LORD blessed him.

ESV, Genesis 26:12

Earning More

The verse above powerfully summarizes the principle we discussed on Sunday. Isaac became wealthy, but note how. First, he sowed. He had to take his seed and in one sense, give it away and cause it to be destroyed by putting it in the ground. We don’t make money without risk. We don’t earn reward without first dying to self. Ultimately Christ only accomplished our salvation by His death.  Just as Christ demonstrated, death leads to resurrection and life. Giving our life away results in leading others to Jesus. Sowing seed lead to a hundredfold harvest for Isaac. Floating our resume, pursuing new jobs, and working hard to be promoted can all lead to positive results for us.  In all of this, may you never forget the last line of the verse above. Ultimately, God gave the increase and blessed Isaac. Everything we have comes from Him, and it’s only through His blessing that we give more. As we embrace this truth, it frees us to live more generously. Let’s live like Isaac!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Robert

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