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Words to Live By From Pastor Robert Kendall

And he withdrew from them about a stone’s throw, and knelt down and prayed,

ESV, Luke 22:41

The Posture of Prayer: Kneeling

Last Wednesday we considered praying with our eyes open. This Wednesday, we consider how Jesus knelt to pray. While most of us probably pray while walking or driving or sitting (and all of these are fine), perhaps we should consider the power of kneeling in prayer. Remember, we aren’t trying to twist God’s arm, and it’s not a requirement for good prayer, but if Jesus knelt before God, then perhaps we could learn from His example.  Why kneel? Simply put, it shows the worth of God. It’s yet another way we can hallow His name. By kneeling before Him, we demonstrate His great worth. Yes, He is our Father, our Daddy, but He is also to be honored. Other cultures get this. I recently attended a Korean wedding, and in the ceremonies, the bride and groom knelt before their parents to show respect. They had a close relationship with their parents but wanted to show them honor. We should do the same with God.  If your health allows, try kneeling in prayer at some point this week. No, we don’t always have to kneel, but if Jesus did it, then perhaps we should as well.

Kneeling before God with you,

Pastor Robert

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