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Words to Live By From Pastor Robert Kendall

…the redeemed shall walk there. And the ransomed of the LORD shall return…

ESV, Isaiah 35:9-10

Redeemed and Ransomed

Isaiah 35 uses two crucial terms referring to our salvation. Both are deeply rooted in Old Testament theology, and both lay a solid foundation for the work of the coming Messiah–Jesus.   The first concept is that of redemption. Developed back in the Exodus and throughout the Pentateuch, this concept has the idea of what a family member does to take care of his family. Whether it involves buying him out of slavery or avenging his blood, family members do whatever it takes to get their loved ones out of whatever bad situation they find themselves in. Regarding our salvation, this beautifully develops the idea of our heavenly Father working tirelessly to take us out of our sin and into the life found only in Jesus.  The second concept is that of ransom. The idea in Hebrew involves paying a price to secure the freedom of another. God ransomed the Israelites, removing them from Egypt. The firstborn had to be ransomed as a further commemoration of this salvation. Finally, in the cross, Jesus paid the penalty for sin, ransoming us from eternal death and granting us everlasting life.  May you be constantly reminded you have been redeemed and ransomed. God has done everything to save you, and you can enjoy His salvation. May you rest in this and be filled with the Spirit to continue to proclaim this good news of redemption and ransom to all who haven’t heard it.

Enjoying our redemption with you,

Pastor Robert

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