Pastor’s Corner

Words to Live By from Pastor Robert Kendall

For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive.

ESV, 1 Corinthians 15:22

Death and Dying

Over the past few years we have addressed several elephants in the room: homosexuality, mental illness, pornography. With each topic, we were impacted in various ways, depending on how we struggle or know someone who struggles with these challenges. Our next topic, however, applies to us all. As much as we may not care to admit it, everyone one of us will die. We may try not to think about it, but it won’t prevent it from coming. As such, we would do well to be prepared.  Over the next three weeks, we will be considering how to finish our lives well. This Sunday we will consider how to leave a legacy to our children and grandchildren. We have learned much in this life, and passing that knowledge on is the first step in finishing well. In the weeks to come, we will consider end of life challenges: advance directives, our will, and our funerals. While we all will face death, we can choose to face it confidently and handle it better than if we refuse to consider or prepare for it.  As difficult as this subject may be, I pray you will join us and remember that in Christ we are made alive. Death, painful as it may be, is truly a promotion to our eternal state. May our preparation to die well enable us to live even better.

Facing this topic with you,

 Pastor Robert

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